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Symptoms of Job Performance Problems

construction worker holding helmet smiling
High Accident Rate
  • Accidents on the job
  • Accidents off the job, but affecting the job
  • Falling, stumbling
Difficulty in Concentration
  • Work requires great effort
  • Jobs take more time
  • Memory lapse
  • Increasing difficulty handling complex assignments
Generally Lowered Job Efficiency
  • Misses deadlines
  • Makes mistakes due to inattention or poor judgment
  • Makes bad decisions
  • Inappropriate excuses for poor job performance
Irregular Work Patterns
  • Alternate periods of very high and low productivity
Employee Relations on the Job
  • Overreactions to real or imagined criticisms
  • Wide swings in morale
  • Borrowing money from co-workers
  • Complaints from co-workers and clients
  • Unreasonable resentments
  • Slovenly or careless dress
  • Glazed, bleary or dilated eyes
  • Hand tremors
Health Problems
  • Increased nervousness
  • Gastric upsets
  • Frequent use of pills
Behavior Changes
  • Uses inordinate amount of breath purifiers
  • Brings thermos bottle to work
  • Locks desk and/or door to office
  • Uncontrollable laughter

The following are some general patterns:

  • Unauthorized absence
  • Excessive sick leave
  • Repeated absences spread out through the week.
  • Repeated absences two to four days.
  • Frequent partial absenteeism – an hour or two to half day for diverse reasons
  • Repeated absences for one or two weeks (five to ten days)
  • Leaving work early
  • Peculiar and increasingly inappropriate excuses for absences
  • Higher absenteeism rate than other employees for colds, flu, etc.

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