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What to avoid when researching treatment facilities.

Unethical Practices to Avoid

1. Treatment Centers Making False Promises

No addict wants to relapse. But the truth of the matter is that many will likely return to their favorite substance. It’s an unfortunate fact, but according to a study put out by NIDA, only one-third of respondents remained drug or alcohol-free a year after treatment.

Relapse, like addiction, isn’t a moral failing. It’s simply an unfortunate part of the process.

If a rehab center promises that you’ll get better and stay better, they’re exhibiting unethical rehab practices. They’re likely more concerned with enrolling you in treatment, taking your money, and sending you back out on the street to relapse & return. Always call us first: 1-877-EAP-2799

2. Treatment Centers Claiming False or Inflated Statistics

This pairs perfectly with our last predatory behavior. No substance abuse treatment facility has a 100 percent success rate. Odds are, at least one current or former patient is going to relapse at some point or withdraw from treatment.

Remember the old adage: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Never choose a treatment center that inflates its statistics. Go with your gut. If something seems off, you’re better off finding a different treatment facility. Always call us first: 1-877-EAP-2799

3. Treatment Centers Putting Money Over Clients

It’s critical to keep in mind that rehab centers are businesses, after all. They need to make money in order to stay open. Unfortunately, some centers use unethical rehab practices to put money above their clients.

Examples include fast, high turnover rates or slow turnover rate with little improvement over a long period of time. Both are dangerous, as they imply that the facility is more interested in your bank account than your treatment.

Patient brokering is a huge issue, for example. Let’s say that you need to enter rehab but you can’t afford to pay the high insurance fees, the facility may offer to pay for your first month if you sign up today, knowing full-well that you won’t be able to pay the remainder of the costs. They may ask you to sign a promissory note for travel, airfare, medications or outside therapies. This IS ILLEGAL! Always call us first: 1-877-EAP-2799

4. Treatment Centers with Poor Security

When you enter a rehab facility, so do your medical records and private information. Therefore, it’s extremely important that rehab facilities invest in top of the line data security.

Poor understanding of technology is no use for shoddy security, as it just takes one determined hacker to get hold of private health records and sell them to the highest bidder. Always call us first: 1-877-EAP-2799

5. Treatment Centers with Low Hiring Standards

Believe it or not, substance abuse within rehab facilities themselves is a huge issue. Facilities are constantly battling to keep substances out of their doors and away from patients’ hands.

That’s exactly why low hiring standards are a significant issue.

The last thing you need to worry about during your treatment is the temptation from your peers, or worse, an employee. The rehab center you choose needs great security and should exercise great caution when hiring employees. Ask how long clinicians & staff members have been at the facility. Always call us first: 1-877-EAP-2799

6. Treatment Centers Emphasizing Accommodations Over Care

A quick search of rehab facilities in your area will show that you plenty of centers offer all sorts of accommodations. From Olympic-size swimming pools to massage centers, some of these features sound pretty nice.

But make sure that the accommodations aren’t your primary reason for visiting. You’re in treatment, after all, not on vacation. Your priority should be getting better, not enjoying the luxurious treatment. Having a nice rec room or elaborate suites is great, but placing these above patient care is one of the biggest unethical rehab practices. Always call us first: 1-877-EAP-2799

7. Treatment Centers Not Accepting or Being In-Network Insurance

There’s no way around it, it’s nearly impossible to pay for treatment without some form of insurance. And even if you have the nicest, highest-quality insurance on the market, there’s no guarantee that your facility will be “in – network” with it, although they will claim to “accept” it, these are 2 very different things. Always call us first: 1-877-EAP-2799

Always check that a facility is In-Network with your insurance & coordinates the care with Lower Hudson Valley EAP before signing or paying anything!

You have enough on your mind, the last thing you need to worry about is how you’ll pay for treatment. Millions of people die each year from lack of access to treatment, and not accepting insurance is simply unethical. Many of the facilities will say they “accept” your insurance. This DOES NOT mean they are In-Network. Always call us first: 1-877-EAP-2799

8. Treatment Centers with Lack of Anonymity

It’s important that you trust your doctors to keep what you talk about confidential. Doctor/patient confidentiality is one of the cornerstones of medical treatment, and failure to adhere to guidelines is perhaps one of the most egregious unethical rehab practices a center can commit. Subjects discussed in therapy — even group therapy should never leave the room. Always call us first: 1-877-EAP-2799

9. Treatment Centers that Manipulate Treatment of Patients

Along those lines, you should never feel pressured or coerced by anyone within the center. This includes doctors or orderlies’ guilt-tripping or judging patients.

However, it also includes physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. Your safety is important, that extends to your mental security. Always call us first: 1-877-EAP-2799

10. Treatment Centers Not Providing Necessary Medications

During withdrawal, your body is undergoing some pretty significant changes. Your system won’t know how to function without certain substances in your system.

You may experience symptoms like headaches, nausea and extreme mood swings. It’s up to the rehab centers to provide the necessary medications in these instances.

Often, quitting cold turkey is very dangerous. Never check into a facility that doesn’t believe in administering these medications.

Always call us first: 1-877-EAP-2799

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