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Lower Hudson Valley E.A.P. Can Help

Our EAP professional staff will provide your local with consultation and support in dealing with a variety of member-related issues. These include the following:

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Assist supervisors and managers in addressing members who have problems on the job. This involves identifying troubled employees, observing, documenting and monitoring their behavior and when appropriate assisting in their accessing services through the Employee Assistance Program.

Supervisor Training

Providing onsite training to supervisors focused on identifying the early signs of employee trouble and what action to take. Generally, supervisor training occurs during the time of implementing the EAP and ongoing as needed.

Facilitation to Address Ongoing Supervisorial Issues

Often supervisors need assistance in helping them find the most effective ways to deal with difficult employees. Consultants are available by phone to respond to questions and problems and to clarify concerns.

Union Workshops

We offer workshops that enhance union/member wellness such as substance abuse, stress management, parenting skills, anger management, drinking/driving and other various topics.

Apprentice Training

We offer apprentice training workshops to introduce the EAP to new members of your local. This introduction can help prevent many issues and problems that might come up during employment.

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